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East Brady (incorporated 1869) is named for the Revolutionary War hero and Indian fighter Samuel Brady.  For his service to the new country, he was awarded a land grant of 502 acres, which included all of what is now Brady Township.

The area is anchored by the Allegheny River, which through the years has been a conduit for travel, industry and recreation.

The area's early wealth came from iron ore, timber, limestone, oil and coal. Because of the great need for all of these items in a growing nation, railroads sprang up to serve both sides of the river.

The first iron rails manufactured in the US were fabricated at the Great Brady's Bend Iron Company in view of East Brady. Area homes and businesses were built using yellow bricks from the Upper Kittanning Brick Works. For many years, Rex-Hide Inc. was the sole world manufacturer of truck tire flaps. Glass plants made bottles and plate glass.

Besides Captain Brady, a surprising number of important people have a history in the East Brady area. This list names many of our favorite sons and daughters, but is by no means comprehensive:

Genevieve Blatt, Judge of PA Commonwealth Court (Politics)

Edward Wilkins Dewey, US Chief Economic Analyst (market analysis)

Michael Dobrancin, Dobrancin Cable (consumer services)

Edwin O. Excell, composer and arranger (music)

Newton Graham, Entrepreneur (finance)

James "Jim" Kelly, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (Sports)

Dr. Fredrick Purdum, GP and veteran of WWI and WWII (medicine)

US Naval Commander William H. Purdum (military)

Jacob Riis, journalist and photographer (social reform)

John, Charles and Clinton Sparks, Sparks Family Circus (entertainment)

Joseph Leo Stydahar, NFL player and coach (sports)

 Councilmen Minimize

Council Members

Barbara Mortimer - President

Joseph Hillwig - Vice-President

Dennis King

Thomas Hillwig

William John

Jennifer Switzer

Jason Sheakley


John R. Klein

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